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Trying to satisfy the justified curiosity about this beautiful location, I give you some information: Torre Sant’Isidoro is  a little town of fishermen  recently developed in a larger community. The air is particularly healthy  thanks to the olive trees cultivated in the nearby  countryside. The quite wide bathing beach  is divided in three areas: two of them are free access areas,  the central one is managed by LIDO OASI a bathing attendant service and a beach umbrella and deckchairs rental. Here you can also find a coffee shop with terrace on the beach open to the public.  In front of the beach there is a islet  that can be reached by swimming for the sporty ones or by pedal boat –also on rent. From Sant’Isidoro, following the coast, it is possible to reach on foot other small hidden beaches .
The main piazza (here is called villa) features a playing fountain  with a lot of trees and flowerbeds, a playing ground for children and public walk. Another charming promenade can be taken towards the marina where there are food stores and seashells shops, 200 meters ahead of the marina there is a famous seashell shop-known all over  Apulia – because shells are purified thanks to the fresh water stemming out from the sea bottom ! In this area too there are shops, a play ground for children, pizza restaurants etc. Three  kms ahead, there is the town of Porto Cesareo   with a lot of night attractions . On the opposite side, southbound, there is the little town of Santa Caterina, a real showplace with disco, coffee shops but also wilderness attractions such as the Captain’s swamp, and the Natural Park of Porto Selvaggio both considered a real paradise for whom loves to walk among trees and pinewoods or going snorkelling or scuba diving to take shots of  a gorgeous underwater flora and fauna.  But Sant’Isidoro offers entertainments of many kinds: music, dancing, concert under the stars in the Piazza (called villa) or in September a show of colours, lights, music and food at the Celebration of Saint Joseph of Cupertino –a very well know event in this side of Italy- for its uniqueness.
Market day is Sunday .

Torre Squillace, northbound of  Sant’Isidoro and southbound of Porto Cesareo offers a peaceful and relaxing holiday far from the fuss and hassle of the community life. Here, nature  is prevailing: the tiny sandy beaches  are  sheltered from the north winds and offer clean, crystal-like waters while the rocky shoreline shows a colourful Mediterranean underwater flora and fauna.  

Lido dell’Ancora, southbound from Sant’Isidoro is a tiny fishermen place –all belonging to the same clan . The  settlement  is included in the Protected marine area of Porto Cesareo and Nardò  and offers to the tourist,  caves, hidden coves, islets (Frascone), tiny sandy beaches, natural ponds of  karst origin  while the Mediterranean flora sweetens the brackish Ionian sea air.

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alcuni esempi  per il  trekking tuffiamoci nel blu finalmente le vacanze piantina interattiva masserie castelli ecc.. andiamo a farci un bagno
la baia
Torre Squillace
PArco Marino per i bambini
Sea wordl of many colors
appartamenti in villa sul mare